Order guide

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Order guide

Order guide

1. Customization time

The normal product production cycle is 7 days for delivery, and mass-ordered or customized products are subject to negotiation and communication;

2. Contains services

Product production, free typesetting, personalized lettering, gift packaging, delivery, after-sales tracking;

Third, the customization process

1. You can first send the selected product styles through the inquiry function of our platform; or send your favorite product style samples or design files by email: hihsource@hihsource.com as an attachment (the original side of the file is clearly identifiable Picture files, office files, AI files, CDR files, and PS files are all available);

2. When sending the information, please provide your accurate email account number and other contact information, as well as the requirements and quantity of the scheduled product. We will provide detailed quotation and packaging and production process instructions. If necessary, attach a rough design drawing for explanation. , And can be successfully transmitted to you;

3. After confirming that the price is appropriate, you need to provide clear design material files, and we will provide detailed design files to communicate with you and confirm the design plan;

4. Sign an order contract and pay a 30% deposit of the advance payment to confirm that it can be produced. During the process, the content and product style can not be modified. If the modification must be made, the relative cost will be incurred. Specific matters can be negotiated;

5. Before delivery, we will take pictures of the goods to confirm that the production is completed. After you have paid the balance, we will ship the goods normally;

6. After the goods arrive at your company, please check the safety or integrity of the goods as soon as possible. Whether it is damaged by transportation or other reasons, we will repair or redo to your satisfaction;

7. For later damages, if repairs are required, we will also provide cost-effective repairs or re-make-up services.

Fourth, the mode of transportation

1. Packing method: each product has its own gift box and white cardboard sleeve. Depending on the transportation distance, it is packed in thick or double-layer corrugated boxes (generally, the weight of each box is controlled at about 15KG);

2. By default, SF Express is used for small items, and special logistics is used for bulk goods. You can also specify a transportation company;

Five, payment method

1. You can get our bank account and transfer directly;

Credit Commitment

Customized trophies, customized gifts, because some unexpected problems will inevitably occur during production and transportation, no matter the size of the problem, no matter who is responsible, we will not shirk or negatively cooperate to complete the trophy gifts ordered by our company. Order until your satisfaction; 


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